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Representing the latest young people of the latest Iberia was basically the fresh Troubadours, which formed an enthusiastic prize protect to help you escort new regal pair

Representing the latest young people of the latest Iberia was basically the fresh Troubadours, which formed an enthusiastic prize protect to help you escort new regal pair

Reigning along the 56th yearly Krewe regarding Andalusia Mardi Gras basketball held Saturday-night had been Their Regal Majesty, U.S. Associate. Jeffrey Landry due to the fact King Napoleon II of France and you will King off golf ball out-of Andalusia, remaining, along with her Regal Majesty, Robin Berard once the Queen Josephine II off France and you will Queen from golf ball out of Andalusia.

Andalusia teach bearers into king is actually Lauren Marie Cestia, daughter out-of Burt and you will Angela Cestia III, basic line out of left, Mathile Anne D’Albor, daughter out-of J

  • Lee Ball

Andalusia maids and dukes Priscilla Chachere given that Louisiana Acadiens, off left, Eric Haik because so many known Governor regarding Louisiana – Huey Long; and Kyla Regan because Louisiana Magnolia offered while the royalty with the 56th yearly ball.

Andalusia show bearers into the king are Lauren Marie Cestia, child away from Burt and you will Angela Cestia III, basic line away from leftover, Mathile Anne D’Albor, daughter out-of J

  • Lee Basketball

Andalusia maids and dukes Joey Minvielle since the Earliest Louisiana Governor, out of kept, Rhonda Suire since the Louisiana Musical, Angela Moore given that Louisiana Fish; and you can Steven Sinitiere once the Confederate Governor from Louisiana offered given that royalty into the 56th yearly basketball.

Andalusia show bearers into king are Lauren Marie Cestia, child away from Burt and you can Angela Cestia III, basic line of left, Mathile Anne D’Albor, child out-of J

  • Lee Golf ball

Andalusia maids and you may dukes Norris Rader III just like the French Governor regarding Louisiana, out of left, Annette Thompson given that Louisiana Mardi Gras, Shelly Hollier because the Louisiana Petroleum Globe; and you will Neil Rader since Military Governor regarding Louisiana supported as royalty on 56th annual baseball.

Andalusia illustrate bearers to your queen try Lauren Marie Cestia, daughter from Burt and you can Angela Cestia III, basic line out of left, Mathile Anne D’Albor, child regarding J

  • Lee Basketball

P. and you will Jennifer D’Albor; and you will Jodi Marie Suire, daughter away from Jody and you may Rhonda Suire. Abigail Catherine Inzerella, child from Jed and you can Anna Claire Inzerella, next line away from leftover, Kate Avery Ditch, daughter off David and you will Jessica Abandon; Linden Reece Musso and Payton Elise Musso, danda Kay Moore, daughter off Timothy and you can Angela Moore; and you may Annelise Claire Chambers, dbers and Natalie Rader.

Andalusia instruct bearers with the king is Lauren Marie Cestia, daughter out of Burt and you will Angela Cestia III, earliest row off kept, Mathile Anne D’Albor, daughter of J

  • Lee Baseball

Serving given that Andalusia King’s Profiles was in fact Gabriel Michael Lamperez, young buck of Michael and you can Lauren Lamperez, kept, and Elliot Michael Haik, son away from Theodore and you can Jeanne Haik III. Destroyed of visualize is Hayden Oliver Nugent, son off Heath and Jennifer Nugent and you will Jeffrey Thomas Landry, son out of You.S. Rep. Jeffrey and Sharon Landry.

Andalusia illustrate bearers on the king was Lauren Marie Cestia, child of Burt and you will Angela Cestia III, basic line of leftover, Mathile Anne D’Albor, child away from J

  • Lee Ball

Members of new Krewe off Andalusia attained Saturday night within Sugar cane Festival Building from inside the The newest Iberia when you look at the affair of their 56th annual Mardi Gras bal masque.

This new Krewe from Andalusia and its particular tourist popular with the theme away from “Louisiana – two hundred many years of History and Society.” Napoleon Bonaparte, (King Napoleon II) along with his Queen Josephine II influenced around the globe- well-known community off Mardi Gras of the to the fresh dear Louisiana Region 200 years after to help you experience the brand new good fresh fruit of the attention.

His Royal Majesty, You.S. Agent. Jeffrey Landry offered given that Queen Napoleon II off France and you can Queen of Basketball of Andalusia and you can Robin Berard try their consort, Their own Regal Majesty, King Josephine II away from France and you may King of your own Golf ball from Andalusia.

Troubadours was indeed Benjamin Look Simon, young buck of James and Nancy Simon; Andrew Rene’ Girouard, child out of Craig and you will Martha Girouard; George Joseph Relative III, young buck from Dr. George and you can Janie Cousin and Jacques Burke Larroque Jr. , child away from Jacques and you will Mary Ellen Larroque.

The newest King’s Profiles was Jeffrey Thomas Landry, child out of U.S. Representative. Jeffrey and Sharon Landry; Gabriel Michael Lamperez, child from Michael and you can Lauren Lamperez; Elliot Michael Haik, son off Theodore and you may Jeanne Haik III and you will Hayden Oliver Nugent, child out of Heath and you may Jennifer Nugent.

Offering once the Teach bearers to your Queen was in fact Lauren Marie Cestia, child out-of Burt and you may Angela Cestia III; Mathile Anne D’Albor, daughter of J.P. and you will Jennifer D’Albor; Jodi Marie Suire, daughter off Jody and Rhonda Suire; Abigail Catherine Inzerella, daughter of Jed and you may Anna Claire Inzerella; Kate Avery Abandon, daughter regarding David and you can Jessica Forget; Linden Reece Musso and you may Payton Elise Musso, danda Kay Moore, child regarding Timothy and Angela Moore and you may Annelise Claire Spaces, dbers and Natalie Rader.

New Royal Dukes out of Andalusia had been Norris Rader III while the French Governor of Louisiana, Neil Rader since the Army Governor out-of Louisiana, Joey Minvielle due to the fact First Louisiana Governor, Steven Sinitiere while the Confederate Governor of Louisiana, Eric Haik because so many Distinguished Governor of Louisiana – Huey Much time and you may Draw Romero since the Foreign language Governor out-of Louisiana.

Duchesses of Louisiana Traditions, maids so you’re able to Her Gracious Majesty the fresh new Queen have been Annette Thompson as the Louisiana Mardi Gras, Shelly Hollier once the Louisiana Oil Business, Angela Moore since Louisiana Fish, Rhonda Suire since Louisiana Music, Priscilla Chachere because Louisiana Acadiens and you will Kyla Regan once the Louisiana Magnolia.

Ladies-In-Waiting to her Majesty new Queen was basically Taylor Paige Elizabeth Landry, daughter out of Eric and you will Stacey Landry and you may Jason and you can Nicole Quinlan; Aline Caroline Mullen, daughter off Gregory and you may Dr. Ellen Mullen Jr. ; Madeline Renee LeBlanc, child regarding Tim and you will Mary LeBlanc Jr. ; Lauren Alycee de- Mahy, child away from Philip and Beth de Mahy; Questionnaire Elise Schwing, child from Armond and you can Jennifer Schwing; Emily Taylor Begnaud, child regarding Nicky and you will Nicole Begnaud; Justine Marie Dimitry Larroque, daughter out of Jacques and you can Mary Ellen Larroque and you can Alexis Rae Lipari, daughter regarding Mark and Tara Lipari.

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